37 point loss against Telge in the first playoff game…what does this mean?

I have been playing in this league for 9 years. I played four years in Luleå and am currently in my 5th season for Solna Vikings. During my career, I have played in 6 finals and have played in the playoffs all 9 seasons.  In all of the playoff games that I have played in, I have never lost by 37 points. When I reflect over the game tonight, I have to admit that even though Telge played a great game, we were the reason for such a big defeat. Yes, Telge has the most complete team in the league, with great shooters on the outside like Binta Drammeh, great inside play with Amanda Zahui and LaTangela Atkinson, and great leadership from the point guard spot from Brittney Thomas. Then they have players coming from the bench who can produce as much as the starters. With that being said, I don’t believe that they are a team that is 37 points better than us. So why can’t we get our act together when it’s the most important time of the season?

The playoffs, no matter what sport you play, or what country you are in, is the most exciting time of the year. It’s why you play the regular season, to get to the point where you have to play your absolute best game after game in order to earn the right to be crowned the best team in the country.  Tonight, we failed to do this. An ok first half, and a catastrophic second half is nowhere near what is demanded in order to compete in the playoffs. With all the intricacies that need to come together for a team to be successful such as team chemistry, work ethic, sport intelligence, etc, one thing that MUST be there in order to even have a chance at being successful is heart.  Did we give everything we could to win this game tonight? As a team, the answer is no. I am not saying that we didn’t work our asses off tonight, because we always play hard. But did we do everything that we needed to in order to prepare? Are our minds in the right place to face the hard games that we have ahead of us? No. We made too many mistakes on the floor for the answer to be yes. It’s good for us that the answer is no because that means that we have room to improve,
to become a stronger team. If the answer had been yes, then there would be nothing more that we could do, and the goal of competing for the gold would be ridiculous.

Because I have been in this league for so long, too long being the opinion of some players,;) most know what type of player I am. I am not the best scorer in the league, and I am definitely not the best shooter. What I lack in these categories, I make up with defense, work ethic , and heart. I am an emotional player. I don’t see how you can dedicate your life to something and not be.  Although this ass kicking disgusts me to the point of nausea, I find comfort in knowing that my teammates feel the same way. I believe in my coaches and my team, and I know that they believe in me.  One thing is certain. The playoffs are here. There is nothing like an ass-kicking to wake us up!

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