Absolute Fitness

My company, Absolute Fitness, is starting to take off!
Right now I am training two larger companies, Arvid Nordqvist H.A.B. and
Norrenergi AB. I am also training two smaller companies, Hureka AB, and
Karrenjo Group AB. I have been training Arvid Nordqvist every Monday in
Solnahallen for the last 2 years. I have really enjoyed watching each
individual progress in their fitness level! I think that they have really
bonded as a group, supporting and pushing each other to give their best each
session. I love using Solnahallen because it has so many tools that I can use
in order to design challenging and creative programs.

I have recently begun working with Norrenergi. Although it has only been a month,
I can already see improvements being made. This is a group that is always
eager to work hard each training session which makes it extremely enjoyable
for me to train them each week! My two smaller companies allow me to give more
individual time to each person. I have more time to teach complicated lifts
such as frivändingar and marklyft. Training both larger and smaller groups
gives me the best of both worlds!  I have definitely enjoyed training
these companies, and I look forward to working with more companies in the future!

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