After 6 weeks in Colorado, it’s nice to be back in Sweden!

It has definitely been too long since my last blog. I hope that everyone has had a great summer. I have heard from many that the summer in Stockholm hasn’t been the best, with too many days of rain and no sun. I hope that most of you were able to do some traveling to chase the sun a bit. My time in Colorado has been great! Most of my days there have been filled with 3-4 hours of training in the mornings, and enjoying the sun for the rest of the day. The average temperature there was around 31 degrees, so it was so nice to just fill my days with sitting by my sister’s pool with a good book. My sister lives in the best apartment complex that is fully loaded with an outdoor pool, which looks like a mini vacation area with lounge chairs and grills included. My sister has her own grill on her balcony, so every lunch and dinner was grilled! Since that is one of my favorite things to do, I figured that I should do it as much as I could since winter in Sweden is coming soon enough.  It was also nice to see my friends. Each summer I get to spend time with my closest friends from home. Although everyone’s lives are changing and going separate directions, it feels like we have never been apart when we spend time together.  My friends and my sister are the things that I miss most about the states, and if I could bring all of them over here, then I would be completely happy! I also spent a lot of time shopping. You can’t go to the states and NOT do any shopping! I would say that my addiction this summer has been Converse, so I ended up buying 8 pair, all different colors of course. :) Clothes were of course on the list as well, so I had to buy another bag to bring all of my new stuff home.

After being away from Sweden for six weeks, I was ready to come back and start working again. I have already started working at Balance, and basketball practice has started as well. Our new head coach from Greece arrives on the 20th of August, and I really look forward to learning a new system and new ideas and theories on the sport. I have no idea how practice is going to be, but I am really excited to find out. We have signed two amazing foreigners. Sha Brooks and Tamara Ruzic both have played for Solna Vikings in previous years, so it’s nice to know exactly what type of players we will get, and they are both very good! We have most of the Swedish players back from last year with the addition of Jenny Lidgren. She loves to play physical and is 191 cm tall, so that should really help us at the post position.  Everyone on the team is very excited for practice this week in order to start improving and become a team.

Most of my clients at Balance are still on vacation, so I have a lot of free time for new clients!!! I am also looking to train more companies in Solnahallen as well, so if you are ready to change your life and get into shape, CONTACT ME! I really look forward to working with you!!!

Interview with Magasin Solna
First Day of Gladiator Training!
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