I am currently in my 5th year playing professional basketball for Solna Vikings.
My first two seasons ended in success winning back to back SM-Guld. These were
much needed after losing 3 finals in a row while playing with Luleå Basket.
I would have loved to have won gold in Luleå, with a team that played with so
much heart and emotion, and in front of the biggest and most loyal crowd in women’s
basketball in Sweden. But no matter how hard we tried, it just wasn’t in the cards.

It was really special to win the gold with Solna, especially because I won it with
Maria Näsström and Katarina Andersson who both suffered heart break with me in Luleå.
The gold years in Solna were amazing. Playing on this team was like playing on an all-star team!
We had extremely talented players like Jurgita Kausaite, Maria Näsström, Elisabeth Egnell,
Katarina Andersson, Cecilia Ferm, Michaela Livijn, and Josefin Olheim. During these two
years, practice was the most competitive I have experienced during my career in
Sweden, and I loved every minute of it. Not only did we win gold, but we
competeted in the Eurocup, which was a unique experience in itself. The season
following these two years ended in another close, but not close enough silver,
and last season in my opinion ended in failure by not even reaching the finals.
This was really hard to swallow since I have played in the last 6 finals. It
left a bitter taste and definitely added motivation to the fire!

This year has been a roller coaster ride, with foreigners climbing on and falling off
like crazy! We finally have the foreigners that fit within Coach Jurgita Kausaite’s
playing philosophy, and now we have to focus on fixing our inconsistencies. In some games,
we have really come together as a team, playing focused and disciplined. In other games
though, we have looked like 5 strangers that have stepped on the floor together
for the very first time. The only way that we are going to be successful is if
we can stay together and play as a team each game, and the only way we will
continue to improve as a team is through hard work and focus every day in

This coming Wednesday is the last game of the season before the playoffs start.
It will not be an easy game. We will travel to Norrköping and play against the Dolphins,
who have the capacity to beat any team in the league. Our last away game against Sallén
in Uppsala ended in disaster, as we completely broke down as a team, and Sallén took full
advantage by making us pay for every mistake that we made. The lesson will definitely
be in the back of our minds as we prepare for Norrköping this week.
Lesson learned: Stay focused or be embarrassed! It’s time to start giving more of ourselves
in every aspect of the game….Let’s see if we are up for the challenge!!

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