Boxing with Arvid Nordqvist

Arvid Nordqvist, also known as Monday’s Training Troop, has been training with me for over two years now. I have to say that my boxing sessions are one of their most favorite training sessions because they get to throw hard hits and increase their aggressiveness to levels that are hard to reach in other types of training that don’t include contact . Each boxing session is a full body workout, with just as much emphasis on training the legs as there is on training the upper body. I love to combine different punches such as jabs, uppercuts, and hooks with explosive and conditioning movements such as squat jumps and burpees in order to get each person to work at their maximum capacity. When my group is exhausted at the end of the boxing session, I like to finish with a quick, but intense core workout. When I am creating each boxing session, I include as much variety as possible in order to challenge each person mentally as well as physically. Not only is boxing one of the most fun and intense methods of training their conditioning level, it also teaches them self confidence as they learn how to throw punches, and become hungry to throw them harder!

I am always available to train more groups, so contact me if you are interested!! Let’s get going!

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