Congratulations Elin Hansson and Eric Ericsson!!!!

The first season of Gladiatorerna has been an amazing come-back season, with many spectacular moments provided by the Gladiators and challengers alike. As Gladiators, I think that we slid into our roles more and more as we gained more experience with each episode. We had a lot to learn as Gladiators, behind the scenes and in the arena, and we had a short time of taping to get everything figured out. As the show went on, it was fun to see which events we would put our mark on, which events would be our specialties. We definitely had our favorite events that we loved to compete in! The Gladiators however, weren’t the only ones improving at the events. As the winning challengers moved into the semifinals, gaining more confidence and experience, they became more competitive against the Gladiators and each other. The final show of Gladiatorerna had, in my opinion, the four best challengers of the season. On the women’s side, Elin had the whole package. She had size that helped her earn points in the contact events, and she had the speed and lateral movement to earn points in the quicker events. Dajana was smaller, but also had speed. Her biggest weapon however was her attitude. She believed that she was great at and should win each event, and that made her dangerous. On the men’s side, Eric also had the size and quickness to dominate some of the events. I think that his years of experience in karate was his best weapon. His years of training physically and mentally completely prepared him for this challenge. Luis on the other hand, came from a completely different background. He competes in a sport known as parkour, which is a physical discipline focusing on efficient movement around obstacles in the environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping. He had a smaller frame, but was also extremely prepared to compete in all of the events. Luis had a special quality about him, not only was he charming but he really felt at home in the Gladiator arena. He was excited to compete in each event, and he loved the competition against the Gladiators, which made him a crowd favorite. The finals was a tight fight on both the men’s and women’s side. Both Elin and Eric had earned just enough points to give them a head start in the obstacle course, which was just enough to secure a win for them both.

Now that the season is over, it is time to start preparing for the next! As Gladiators, we know exactly what we need to work on, and are hungry to become even more deadly. The new challengers are already starting to apply, training and hoping that they are chosen to earn a spot. Season 2 will be taped in June, and  I expect it to be even more exciting and competitive… I can’t wait.

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