Exciting Semifinals in Gladiatorerna, no show this Saturday!

Last Saturday was the first episode of 3 of the semifinals for Gladiatorerna, and it proved to be a very intense and exciting show with tough competition between the challengers that ended in two tight races in the hinderbana on both the women’s and men’s side.  As a gladiator, I can really see the improvements that the challengers have made from their first time on the show to the second time in the semis. They have become more efficient at each event, and it seems as though they have become more and more relaxed when facing the gladiators in competition. If this pattern continues, it should definitely make for one intense and thrilling final! I was really impressed with the competitive effort of both Elin and Linda in the last episode. They both had a great competitive attitude not only against the gladiators but against each other as well. It came down to the very last obstacle in the hinderbana, and the win could have gone either way. It was definitely exciting to watch, and that’s exactly what this show is all about!

This coming Saturday is the final for Melodifestivalen, and since it’s undoubtedly going to bring in an extreme amount of viewers, TV4 has decided to let Melodifestivalen have it’s night.:) The second semifinal show will be shown Saturday March 17th. Mark this day on your calendar, because I am sure it’s going to be an exciting semifinal!

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