Gladiatorerna – tough competition!

Episode 7 shown this past Saturday proved to be one of the most aggressive episodes shown so far! With Saga Sundberg getting knocked unconscious on an extremely hard tackle by Stinger in the second event, attackbollen, reserve Malin Borensjö was ready to step up and make use of the opportunity that was given to her. The other women’s contestant, Petra Lundin, a 45 year old mother of two, really impressed everyone from the beginning of the show with her amazing physique. Anyone would be absolutely estatic to look like her at the age of 45…actually, anyone at any age would be happy to have her physique! I think that as the show continued and as the events became more physical, I don’t think that Petra was mentally prepared for the intensity that the show brings. Yes The Gladiators is entertainment television, but to the Gladiator and utmanare, it is nothing but true competition, in one of the most intense environments imaginable. I can understand that Petra was truely scared, and when you go into defensive mode, you will do whatever you need to to protect yourself. I know that it must have been hard for her to keep competiting when she wanted to stop, and for that you have to give her respect. But to all future challengers who are thinking about competing in the Gladiator’s Arena, DON’T COME IF YOU ARE NOT READY! It will not be a walk in the park….


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