Sometimes you get what you ask for…

The semifinals in the Gladiators has so far been filled with exciting duels between the challengers and the Gladiators, with even more thrilling competition between the challengers in the hinderbana.  Some of the wins came down to mere seconds, with the löpband being an impossible obstacle to conquer for challengers who were so close to winning.  Since the show was taped so long ago, I don’t remember the outcome of most shows, or even the outcome of most duels for that matter. Because we taped two shows a day, it feels like they all just blended together. It’s fun for me to watch the show and feel as though I am experiencing it for the first time!  Although I don’t remember all of the challengers, one challenger that I do remember is Dajana.  Dajana arrived with her gang of family members, who all wore shirts in her honor and were not afraid to let you know who they were cheering for and what they thought about each gladiator who was competiting against her. Dajana displayed an immediate confidence right from the start, which is absolutely needed in order to have a chance to win the show, but what she displayed in confidence, she also displayed in cockiness, which NEVER comes across well with the Gladiators. Competition is competition, and no matter who the utmanare is, the Gladiators always want to win, but there are certain challengers that we want to beat more than others, and Dajana was definitely one of them. To see someone exude so much cockiness makes you want to step up your game. It makes you extremely focused on making sure that they don’t score one single point against you.  Her cockiness towards me definitely pushed me to perform at my best which is exactly what the playoffs are all about! Were the emotions in Gatloppet real? Absolutely. Was I out to kill her? Of course not. Did I have hard feelings after the show was over? Not at all. It’s exactly the same for me with basketball. To beat a team or person who is too cocky for their own good is definitely one of the best feelings ever. So I want to thank Dajana for being the challenger who wasn’t afraid of being herself and definitely not afraid of waking up the Gladiators, and I want to thank her family for their aggressive support for her. You gave me an opportunity to ”posterize” you, as we say in basketball, which is a moment that I will always remember! This will be one of the most exciting shows of the season!

Congratulations Elin Hansson and Eric Ericsson!!!!
Exciting Semifinals in Gladiatorerna, no show this Saturday!
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