We Are Ready….

This past weekend was tryouts for the challengers for season 2 of Gladiatorerna. Even the Gladiators were asked to come and show what kind of shape we were in. All of the Gladiators were there except for Tor, Pansar, and Wolf,  who were tied up and couldn’t come. It was great to see everyone again! It was like we picked up right where we left off, with a lot of laughter and hugs. Everyone was in really good shape, and it was clear that everyone had been training with Gladiatorerna in mind. It was such a different atmosphere during testing. This time we were really supporting each other like a team instead of competing against each other for a Gladiator position. We are going to be much stronger this coming season since we all know EXACTLY what we need to do in order to prepare for our events. Each of us are hungry and can’t wait to begin kicking some challenger-ass. It is defnitely going to be an exciting season! I hope the challengers will be ready…..

First Day of Gladiator Training!
This is my training program.
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