Win Against Norrköping!

Win Against Norrköping in the Last Game of the Season!

The game against Norrköping turned out to be aggressive, just like I thought it would be. We started the game off on a good note, with Pam Rosanio leading the way in the first quarter with 11 points, but Norrköping kept clawing their way back into the game each time we started getting a comfortable lead. We really wanted to come out with an aggressive mentality in order to prepare for the playoffs, which I think we did on both ends of the floor, but as the game went on, we stopped moving our feet and used our hands aggressively instead, which lead to foul after foul, and too many free throws for Norrköping. We had some really good moments on both defensive and offense, but some really bad moments as well, and this roller coaster playing style is definitely not going to be good enough to win games in the playoffs. We have one week to prepare with extremely hard games in front of us. I am excited to see how far this team can go!

A side note: I was able to meet Elisabeth Egnell and Lasse Johansson’s daughter for the first time. Little Rut is adorable! Congratulations to them both! Rut is lucky to have them as parents.

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