Alex Danielsson from BODY Survived!

A few weeks ago Alex, chefredaktör from BODY magazine, called me and asked if I would like to train him. He told me that we would train together, and then he would write an article based on our training. I remember reading the BODY magazine in which he worked out with Pansar. It was a great article, so I thought that this would be a chance to show people how I usually train. The hardest programs that I do are my summer leg days. I thought about doing one of those days, but since I am in basketball season right now, I am training much differently now than I do in the summer. I thought that I could definitely do one of those days, but I knew that I would have some serious träningsvärk, and that may not be so smart since I have some important basketball games coming up. So, even though I wanted to really kill Alex, I thought that it would be best to stay with the training that I am currently doing right now. On top of basketball practice everyday, sometimes twice a day, I do a full body lift once a week, usually in the beginning of the week, or farthest away from a game. This workout consists of Cleans or Clean and Jerk, front, back or smith squats, lunges, deadlift, pullups with weight, bent over row (overhand and underhand grips), db incline bench, arnolds, db lat raise, and rear delt raise. The next lifting day consists of 12 different exercises training the upper body, plus ab exercises between each set, with only 15 sec rest in between. So I do one set of an exercise, followed by 30 sec abs, and then 15 sec rest. 3 sets of this for each exercise. This is a great program to do before the game because it allows me to keep a high tempo and a high heart rate throughout the entire workout, which is a lot like a game. In between these two lifting days, I put in a day of training agilities, which consists of line drills and other drills with quick directional change which I superset with TRX core exercises. Since I have already done my full body workout for the week, it was time for the upper body workout, and that’s the program that Alex would jump in on. I didn’t really know what to expect with this workout. I knew that he loved to workout, and that he was a pretty big guy, so I wondered if he would think that this was going to be a weird type of workout since there were no classic lifts involved. When we started, I immediately realized that he was going to take this seriously and give 100% effort, and that immediately made it fun! Whenever I lift, I always lift as hard as I can for a certain amount of reps. We lifted 3×10 on almost all exercises except a few. He went heavy, and I went heavy…and my heavy wasn’t too far behind his. ;) I had so much fun working out with him! We motivated each other and pushed each other, spotted each other when it was needed. We were both tired at the end of the workout, him a little more than I. ;) I think that he was surprised at how hard it ended up being, but I think that he really loved the challenge! I would definitely work out with him again!

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