Gladiatorerna final is tomorrow!


It’s been a while since I have written about the show. I am in the playoffs in basketball with Solna Vikings, and we have been playing two to three games a week for the last month, so my schedule has been really hectic! But since its the last show of the season tomorrow, I feel like I definitely need to write about it, and let you know that it will be an amazing show!
Since the semifinals in the show have started, a bunch of people have asked me if the feelings I show against Josefine are real. Am I really as mad as I look? The answer is hell yes those feelings are real! Josefine has to be one of the most cocky challengers that we have had on the show, and that type of attitude makes it really fun to go against her in the events, and it really motivates me to make sure she fails. Because she is cocky and makes it known to the audience that I’m her primary target, that I’m the one she wants to beat, it’s challengers like her that make the best shows. Josefine makes the show interesting to watch, because you know that something crazy might just happen. Even though we may hate each other during the events, the feelings are never carried on after the event, at least from my side. And I can say that she was one of the first to ask for my autograph after taping the show, which shows that she respects me and that she has no hard feelings either.
So that brings us to the finals. A showdown between Linnea and Josefine,  speed vs strength. Of course I am not going to tell you who wins, but I am going to tell you this. You are going to see something that has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. It’s going to be an amazing show, so if I were you, I would plan that my Friday night from 20-21.30 will be spent in front of the tv. I know mine will be…
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