Going too heavy too fast with deadlifts…I should have known better.

Today’s workout: Lats, shoulders, abs.

Today was supposed to be the start of phase 2 of my program, where I change the reps from 3×12 to 3×10 on most exercises. This means going heavier on each exercise because it’s less reps, and resting a little more  in between sets. None of this happened today though, because last Friday, when I was finishing my phase 1 with deadlifts and arms, I pulled a muscle in my lower back on the third rep of the third set while deadlifting 100kg. Of course I finished the set, because I am stupid and stubborn, and then followed deadlifts with back extension. I finished the session with arms and thought that my back wasn’t that bad. Then I couldn’t stand up the day after. Thank God I was in my two-day rest period. I did a lot of rehab exercises, and it started feeling better on my second day of rest, but it still wasn’t good. I told my work buddy, Ulrika, who is a massage therapist at Balance, and she scheduled me for a massage today after I worked out. I told her exactly where my problem areas were, and she worked her magic!!! I walked out of that massage room like a new woman! I have had pain in my shoulder since the taping of the Gladiators, and that feel much better! I have huge knots in my rhomboids, which she murdered, and then she found the tight spots in my lower back and really worked on them. All I have to say is THANK YOU ULRIKA!!!!!

I will finish this last round with 3×12, and I will go lighter with my leg day and skip out on deadlifts just to make sure that my back recovers. I will definitely schedule another massage session with Ulrika. If you need to get a massage, I HIGHLY recommend Ulrika! You can contact her at ulrika.blomqvist@balancetraining.se.



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