Half of Gladiatorerna episodes taped!

When the Gladiators began training camp in order to prepare for the upcoming season, we were told not to write, blog, or put up pictures on the internet. Everything was supposed to be a secret. That’s why I haven’t written anything about the show before now. Now that we have finished taping half of the episodes, people attending the show have of course taken pictures and put them up on Facebook or have written things about the shows. It’s no secret that I am still on the show along with most of the Gladiators from last season, so it feels like I can write a blog without giving too much information away.
We have taped 7 episodes in only 4 days. We taped one show on the 14th, and then 2 shows on the following 3 days. During these days there is little time for anything else other than taping, eating, and sleeping. The women Gladiators are at the arena at around 8 to start with hair and makeup while the men catch up on their beauty sleep;), and the day ends around 23 when the second episode is finished. The only break is between episodes, and it’s about 40 minutes long, just enough time to eat dinner.
After recording was finished on Sunday night, all of the Gladiators returned home for a few days of rest and recovery. I came home Monday morning, just in time to get some sleep before my basketball game against Solna. It felt like I had been away from basketball for a month instead of a week, so I knew that I would be really rusty. It turned out that we played rusty as a team and almost lost to a team that has only won one game.
It’s been a tough Gladiator season so far, with really good challengers. It feels like every challenger has the potential to win the whole show, so it will be really interesting to see who ends up winning. As Gladiators, we just have to continue to focus on winning all of our events and make life as hard as possible for them. Then the fate of each challenger lies in their hands.






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