I always order my supplements from Gymgrossisten!

I have been an athlete for 20 years, and throughout my career, I have become interested in supplements and how they can improve my performance. When I was in college, I was introduced to protein and creatine supplementation from the strength and conditioning staff. It was their job to make sure that the athletes were performing at their maximum potential. I am not saying that all athletes need or should use supplelements. I believe that it is completely up to each individual athlete. When I saw the positive results creatine and protein had on my performance, I decided to continue to use them. When I came to Sweden, a friend told me about the supplement store, Gymgrossisten. I immediately loved the wide range of brands and supplements that they carried. Gymgrossisten sells many trusted and well-named brands at very low prices. Plus, it was so easy to make orders on their online website, www.gymgrossisten.com.

Because I am a professional athlete, I am subjected to random drug testing every year. Last year alone I was drug-tested three times! Because of this, it is extremely important that I do research on all of the supplements that I take to make sure that they are not on the doping list. I really appreciate Gymgrossisten’s website because they clearly announce which supplements should not be taken by athletes that are submitted to drug tests. Although I always do my own research on my supplements, I feel secure that the supplements that I order from Gymgrossisten are safe to take.

I know that there are other supplement stores out there, but for me, the only one I will ever order from in Sweden is Gymgrossisten!

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