I hate to lose.

I never do anything in my life halfway. When I was in college, I had to get the best grades, so I studied like crazy. In basketball, I have to practice as much as I can to be the best player that I can be. I play with my heart. I do the dirty work, and I practice extra so that I know that I am doing all that I can for a chance to succeed. I am not sure where the motivation comes from.  All I know is that slacking off and being lazy has never been a choice. I bring the same attitude to Gladiatorerna. I know that it’s a show. I get that. But when I am competing in an event, it’s me versus my opponent, and someone has to lose.  So I prepare as much as I can and give 100% to make sure that it’s not me.  I never believe in playing dirty. I can be too aggressive sometimes, but my aim is never to intentionally hurt someone.  There is no point in winning if it’s not done fairly. I always have the utmost respect for my opponents. I always picture myself as the underdog in every aspect of competition, because that’s what pushes me to train hard.

Now you have an idea of how I am thinking. Now you know why I am so focused and aggressive on the show.  I have always been this way, and I doubt that I will change anytime soon.:)

Starting the year off with a really tough game against Northland.
The first show of Season 2 of Gladiatorerna Airs Tomorrow!
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