I was only in Gatloppet??

At 19.45, I was finally finished with basketball practice, I had rushed home and inhaled my taco with an egg omelet bottom, and was ready to watch tonight’s Gladiatorerna  with chips and cheese dip in hand. The show starts, and out runs the competitors. My first thought was, “This is strange…I don’t remember any of the competitors.” As soon as I see who the competitors are, I almost always remember how each event goes and who wins. But this time, I had no clue. And then I remembered that this must have been the episode that I had severe pain in my neck, so I was taken to the hospital to get it checked. I was actually gone during most of the taping of this show, and made it back just in time to do Gatloppet. I had taken some really hard hits in Gatloppet during the previous shows, and it turned out that I had two diskbråck in my neck.  That’s when I decided to wear the “korv” around my neck during Gatloppet for protection.

Watching tonight’s show was really exciting because I had no idea who would win the events. Plattan was probably my favorite with Wolf’s two second win, and the surprise of Tor falling off. As I recall, that fall of Tor’s wakes up a sleeping giant, and he gets his revenge in future shows.  Now it’s another week before we get to enjoy another 90 min of exciting and competitive tv! I am sure that the week will just blow by with the help of 3 basketball games, work, and practice. I wish everyone a great weekend, and an even better next week, and I will see you again on Friday!:)

First Interview in Swedish!
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