It’s easy to judge from the couch.

After a show has aired, I love hopping on tv4’s Gladiator website and Facebook to read people’s thoughts and ideas about the show. I think it’s great that people really get into the show, that they choose their competitors to root for, that they have their favorite Gladiators. That’s what this show is meant to do for the viewer, bring  out some emotion and excitement on a Friday night! Sometimes people write negative comments about the competitors, and while I understand completely that everyone is entitled to their opinions, let me shed some light on how hard this show actually is for the competitor. First of all, think about performing in front of a full-packed arena. Yes, some of these competitors are used to competing, but I doubt any have competed in front of an audience of this size. This definitely rattles their nerves a bit. Second, and undoubtedly the biggest challenge for them is to survive facing the Gladiators. Our job as Gladiators is to crush the competitors, and make it look good. Imagine having a red bulls eye on your chest and being the target of every single Gladiator. Imagine facing Hero or Pansar in Hangbron, Amazon and Hyper in Attackboll, Pheonix and Baron Samedi in Pyramiden. And then most physical of all, surviving Gatloppet. Of course they want to win the events, but they are probably hoping to finish each event without getting injured.

So before people write how a certain competitor sucks, and how they shouldn’t have been there competing in the first place, I hope that they put themselves in the competitor’s shoes… Or more importantly ask themselves if they even have the guts to be there at all.

My hat goes off to each competitor this season! Even though I still hope to crush every female competitor in the show, I have all the respect in the world for you for competing! There would be no Gladiatorerna without you!
Alex Danielsson from BODY Survived!
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