Lat workout from hell!

Today’s Workout: Round 3- Lats, Shoulders, and Abs

It’s been about 4 hours since I finished today’s workout, and I still feel exhausted. My arms are completely dead, and I can barely use them for a period longer than 5 seconds. Today’s lat workout was by far the hardest that I have ever done I think, and I am the genius who designed it. ;) We started off with pullup,s of course. Lisa and I made a bet that whoever got the most pullups in the first set would be rewarded with a free lunch from the loser. I started and was able to get 20 pullups. I was feeling good about that number. Then it was Lisa’s turn. I ended up  buying her a really big chicken sallad. She got 21 pullups, of course.

The next exercise was extremely hard. We did underhand pullups, 3×12. I have never done them before, and I was surprised at how hard they were, especially after doing 3 sets of max regular pullups. I ended up getting only 4 the first set before I had to start with the negatives. Then it was 12 negatives for the next two sets. The worst part about this exercise was the pain in the forearms! They were dying, especially when I was in the hanging position. I could barely move my fingers after.

After two more lat exercises, it was time to start with the shoulders. Db shoulder press went well. I was able to get two sets of 12 with 16kg before having to go down to 14kg. The next exercise was db front raise, one arm at a time. I started with 8kg. It was going well, until my grip started to give out. I literally could not hold the weights anymore. My grip was completely gone! The next exercise was lateral raise. I had to use my straps in order to lift only 6 kg. It felt strange to have to use straps, but there was no way that I could hold the weight on my own.

After two more shoulder exercises, it was time for abs. Usually we would have used the TRX on this day, but neither one of us had any strength in our arms to hold us up, so we decided to do a different program. We supersetted two exercises, leg kickouts and crunches on the half ball. Lisa started with 30 kickouts, while I started with 50 half ball crunches, then we switched. We did 5 sets, going down by 5 on the kickouts and 10 on the crunches for each set. So for the 5th set, we were doing 10 reps on both.

I have been completely dead after today’s workout. I rented three movies, and I plan on spending the whole night on my couch with my dog Kobe. :)

Is 20 reps enough for a free lunch?

Nope. ;)

Third lat exercise: Lat Pulldown

Finally time for shoulders.

Notice the straps being used to hold 6kg. ;)

Lisa getting picture happy. :)

Just about to do abs.

Done with the workout and happy!


Front squats for leg day.
Boxing and some unexpected running.
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