Spending my weekend in Visby!

Its the first road trip for my team this season. Too bad we couldn’t travel together as a team.;) There were only 7 tickets available for the flight on Saturday before the game, so 4 of us had to volunteer to travel the day before. Traveling today was a no-brainer for me, since I get an extra night at a hotel, another hotel breakfast, and I get to sleep in on a game day. YES, I VOLUNTEER!;)
After checking in to the hotel, we went to eat at O’Learys. We were lucky enough to choose the exact night that O’Learys was having a table hockey tournament. What better way to prepare for tomorrow’s game than playing against some competition tonight! The teams consisted of two players, so I teamed up with Jeff, our assistant coach, while Katta and Malin teamed up. With bandanas on our heads and fighting faces on, we were ready to compete! After a few minutes of practice, Jeff and I felt ready to take anybody on. After the 3 minute match, the score was 4-0. We got our asses kicked!:) We fought a good fight, but we sucked. Katta and Malin faced the same challengers with almost the same result, 4-1. They claim to have been a better team than but they sucked just as much. We should probably just stick to basketball.;)




A win on the Island!
MM Sports 1 Year celebration was a blast!!
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