Starting the year off with a really tough game against Northland.

This is my 6th season playing for Solna Vikings, and this year has been a first for a lot of things. First of all, its my first year playing for a Greek Coach. I have to say that I have really, really enjoyed playing for Kostas Keramidas. It has been extremely fun playing for someone who brings new ideas to the table. It’s also my first year playing with Greek teammates. There has been a flood of Greek players and coaches to the Solna Vikings club, and it’s been amazing to see how the Greek community has come out to support both the men’s and women’s teams. I don’t know much about the level of basketball in Greece, but if most of the players are as talented as our Greek players, Anna  Spyridopoulou and Vicky Volonaki, then I would say that the league is pretty damn good! These girls definitely make our team better, but they also have great personalities which makes it really fun to have them on the team!  We also have Sha Brooks on the team this year. She is having a great season and can arguably be the best guard in the league. You can’t talk about Solna Vikings without talking about our most valuable player, Katarina Andersson.  She too is having an amazing season and in many games, she has proven to be impossible to stop offensively and defensively.  We also have players that have really stepped up this year. It’s been great to see players like Katarina Milenkovic, and Luciana Jonsson really improve this season! Due to lack of post players on our team, Katarina has been asked to step out of her role as a guard and step into the world of the big girls. She has done a tremendous job, and I think that playing as a 4 has really helped her become a more aggressive player. Lucy has also taken huge steps this season. It feels like she just gets better and better as each week goes by, and she looks like she is becoming more and more comfortable as her role as a back-up point guard. I think that she is going to really become a great player when her confidence becomes stronger.  Agnes Mellström has had to deal with an injury this season which has sidelined her for the last few months. If we can get her back by playoffs, she will definitely add strength to the post lineup. Olga Kjelsson broke her hand and has also been out for a few months. Now she is back, and really strengthens our guard lineup. I didn’t realize how valuable she is to the team until she started practicing again. All I can say is that I am REALLY happy that she is back! Then we have Ms. Emma Halldin-Wedin. She tore her acl during the first game of last season and has been fighting the uphill battle to get back to where she was before the injury. It’s been tough for her to find her rhythm again when dealing with the fear of her knee not being strong enough. In just these last few weeks, it seems as though she has really turned the corner. Her confidence is getting stronger and stronger, and she is daring to be more aggressive with each practice. If she keeps going at this rate, she will be truly valuable for us in the playoffs!  Our rookies, Susanna Kalen, Michaela Jangefalk and Ebba Stenman have worked their butts off this year in practice. They have had to really step up and improved in order to compete in practice, and all three have done an amazing job!

Currently we stand in the fourth position in the league, and a win tomorrow against the number two team Northland would be a great step in the right direction for us. We have been practicing extremely hard since the 27th of December with the focus of this game in our minds. It’s definitely going to be a tough battle for us because Northland is a team with extremely talented players with many coming from the Swedish National Team. We are going to have to really be focused and play smart in order to have a chance to win tomorrow. We are definitely a much better team than when we played them before, and I am certain that it’s going to be a tough game for both teams. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes will win tomorrow… Let the fight begin!:)

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