The first show of Season 2 of Gladiatorerna Airs Tomorrow!

January 4th has quietly and quickly crept up, and it’s finally time for the first episode of Gladiatorerna to start. When I look back at the taping of the show, a few thoughts immediately enter my head. I remember how impressed I was at the improvements of this year’s challengers. It’s like they studied our movements, and planned out ways to beat the Gladiators in each event. I remember knocking one challenger off the Duel, and when I talked to her after the taping of the season was over, she talked about how she was prepared to take my first hit from my right hand, which I know I start the Duel off with every time. I was shocked to hear that she had actually studied my past duels in order to find a way to beat me. I just thought that the challengers stepped up on to the pedestal with no plan in mind, just hoping to stay on, or get lucky and knock the Gladiator off. It actually made me smile to think about them studying our movements in order to give themselves the best chance at earning those points.  These challengers were definitely prepared and ready to win, and did whatever necessary to get them closer to making it to the finals and winning the cash prize.

Another thought that entered my mind was how much harder we trained as Gladiators to also improve. During the training camp, you could tell that we were all going to be much better at our events. We trained harder, and we were much more tactical during training for this season than last season. We all just felt more comfortable in our skin and in our roles. We knew exactly what we had to focus on. We were confident and well-trained, which made us nearly impossible to beat.

This season definitely promises to be much more competitive and exciting than last season. The women competitors are on average bigger than last year, and much more aggressive.  I can say that there are many exciting matches between the competitors and Gladiators that really go down to the wire for a winner. There are very few “walk in the parks” in the arena this season! I am extremely excited to relive this season, to relive the shocks and surprises that are awaiting….This will be one fantastic season!

I hate to lose.
Interview with Magasin Solna
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