Strength and Conditioning Coach for Sallén Basket

Along with playing another season with Sallén Basket, the club asked me to be the strength and conditioning coach for the upcoming season. I was the strength coach one year when I played for Solna Vikings, but that year I was asked right when the basketball season began. This time I get to take control from the beginning by designing a very specific preseason training program. I have 8 weeks to plan for before the first basketball practice. The first thing I had to figure out was what are the key elements that we need to focus on. Since I have first-hand experience with what our weaknesses are, it was an easy task. The 3 elements that need attention are strength, increased explosiveness through plyometrics (explosive jumps), and agilities (changing direction quickly/fast footwork), and conditioning. The program is designed in 4x 2 week cycles, and the emphasis of all three areas changes throughout the 8 weeks.

Strength Training:
Phase 1: Introduction, begin Hypertrophy phase.
Phase 2: Increase emphasis, continue Hypertrophy phase
Phase 2: Decrease reps/increase weight, cont. Hypertrophy phase
Phase 4: Decrease emphasis, continue Hypertrophy phase

Explosive training: Plyometrics/Agilities:
Phase 1: Introduction to both plyometrics and agilities
Phase 2: Increased volume, emphasize agilities
Phase 3: Maintain volume, change emphasis to plyometrics
Phase 4: Increased volume, agilities and plyometrics emphasized equally

Phase 1: Aerobic training
Phase 2: Aerobic/ Anaerobic Intervals
Phase 3: Anaerobic/lactic Intervals
Phase 4: Anaerobic/lactic Intervals

What I enjoyed most about designing this program was designing the agility and plyometric programs. Some of the training sessions are sessions that I have done for years while others are sessions that I created specifically for this program. All exercises are sport specific in order to improve in the movements required in basketball. Plus, the program is designed to give the athletes freedom to design and fit the sessions that need to be trained during the week to their weekly schedule. They only have to follow a few rules about program order. Most of the program can be done anywhere. The only limiting factor is the strength training, which must be done in a gym. Giving the athletes flexibility to design their own weeks allows them to train hard as well as enjoy their vacation before the season starts. If everything goes as planned, we should be extremely prepared both physically and mentally to start another strong and successful season.

8 week Presaeason program

Enough said.

Vacation in Colorado Springs!
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