34 and sick.

This past week has not gone how I wanted it to. Since the basketball season is over, I was really looking forward to start focusing on lifting again. I have been lifting during the whole basketball season this year, lifting 3 sets of 8 and lifting pretty heavy weight. I was looking forward to going back to 3×12 with a short rest period to see if I am stronger than I was at the end of last season. Monday was a great lifting day. I lifted lats and shoulders, followed by my hardest core workout. I was stronger on every exercise than last year at this time, and that was really fun to see. On the way back to Uppsala that evening, I was sitting with my colleague on the train. We were chatting about different things, and out of the blue he asks me if I am getting sick. I answered, ”No! I am just clearing my throat.” Which I really thought was the case. Then I woke up Tuesday morning sick. Great. There goes my lifting for who knows how long, plus, it’s my birthday. Not only am I a year older, but I am sick. This is gonna be a tough day.
I survived work on Tuesday, and my team came over for birthday fika. It was nice to see everybody, since we don’t see each other much now that the season is over. I was hoping to go to bed and wake up sick-free. That wasn’t the case. Sick Wednesday, no lifting. Sick Thursday, lifted anyway. It was shitty. Sick Friday, lifted anyway. It was also shitty. Woke up Saturday morning sicker than a dog. I give in. No working out until I feel better…Or until Monday comes.;)

My birthday pie!

Too sick to train, but not too sick to train my teammate.;)

Happy Easter from Hultafors!
A disappointing end to the season.
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