CB Strength Training

Since I began my career as Bullet on Gladiatorerna, I have had a lot of people contact me asking for help with their training. A few of them have been able to travel to Solna where I was able to train them either at Solnahallen through my own company, or at a gym in Solna called Balance where I work as a PT. I was able to help others in Uppsala where I work as a PT at a gym called Parsapower. There have been so many more people that have asked for help but live too far away, so meeting hasn’t been an option. The best that I could do was give some advice about training and eating healthy. More and more of these people have been asking if they could pay for training programs that I would write for them. After doing some thinking about how exactly I want to do this, how much to charge for the programs, and how many weeks the programs will last, I am definitely ready to start helping people!
If you need help with your training but can’t afford a personal trainer, or have the motivation to train on your own but need a program that is specifically designed to help you reach your goals, don’t hesitate to contact me. I have been designing programs for people of all ages and physical ability for over 10 years. Email me at absolutefitness@live.se if you are SERIOUS about getting on track with your training. I am excited to help those who are ready to help themselves!

On another note, I hope that you will enjoy the first semifinal of Gladiatorerna tonight! It’s going to be a great show!

Semifinal! It’s time to get serious!

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