Last lifting session before Gametime.

Yesterday’s lifting program: Lower back and arms

Lower Back
Deadlift 4×10
Back Ext 3×10
Db single curl 3×10+10
Seated curl 3×10
Bar curl 3×10
Weighted Dips 3xmax
Weighted bench dips 3xmax
Skull crusher 3×10

Yesterday I decided to lift right before basketball practice. It’s a great way to really wake the body up. It was my first time lifting lower back and arms in Kraftkällan, and the gym had all the equipment that I needed to do this particular program, so no changes needed to be made. I forgot my freaking chalk at home, so I didn’t know if I could hold the bar during the deadlift with the weight that I normally lift. It was much harder to hold onto the bar, but it worked. I was holding on by just my fingertips by the 9th rep. Never underestimate the power of chalk.:)
The basketball practice following was tough. I felt like I had a ton of energy, but by the end of practice, I was dead! It was a good feeling to be completely drained when it was time to go home.
The best part about the day however was the purchase of my new sound system for the tv! I love music, and I love to play it loud. More specifically, I love hearing the base of the song. I want to be able to play the base as loud as I want without cracking my subwoofer which subsequently is the reason I had to buy a new system. I decided to spend the cash and get a really good one. I brought home the Arvani Sound from Elgiganten, and it proved to be everything I wanted and more. The subwoofer is so powerful that my floor vibrates when I listen to music. I am guessing that my neighbors won’t be as satisfied with it as I am.;)

My new sound bar and subwoofer! The sound bar is in front of the tv, and the subwoofer is on the ground to the left of the tv bench.


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