Win against Visby, but it wasn’t pretty.

Yesterday’s game against Visby turned out to be another game where we struggled defensively. We did shoot the ball much better than the previous game, which is a step in the right direction, but that really doesn’t matter if we can’t stop the other team from scoring. Our less-than-average performance on defense proved to be enough to take the win, but left us with a disappointed feeling about our defensive efforts. We have one week to pull it together before we travel to Umeå to meet top team, UDominate.

Today’s plan of Action: lift lats, shoulders, core/ basketball practice.

Pullups 3xmax
Assisted Pullups 3×8
Close grip Pullups 3×8

Military Press 3×8
Incline front raise 3×8
Rear Delt lift 3×8
Rear Delt machine 3×8
Cable delts 4×8

TRX plank 3x60sec + 15kg
TRX pike 3x45sec
Kickouts 1xmax


March Madness!
How will we respond after being spanked?
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