A very eventful week!

This week has been a really busy week filled with personal training work at Balance, personal training in Uppsala, strength training, and going to a gym class at Granbackaskolan for Musik Hjälpen. I am still not quite used to having my own time in the evenings. I still feel a bit stressed to get home late in the afternoon in order to make it to basketball practice. It will take a little longer to get used to having so much free time. My achilles are still bothering me a bit. I have completely rested since my last game except for training legs in which I really work on trying to increase the range of motion in the ankle that I sprained during the taping of Gladiatorerna. It’s been exactly three weeks today since the season ended, and although they are feeling a bit better, I still can’t run or play yet. Since I went directly from the taping of the show to basketball practice, my ankle never got the time to recover. I rested and did rehab until the ankle was good enough to play again, and then I just jumped right back into it with the help of an ankle brace. I’m really starting to miss basketball, and I really want to start practicing again. I will just have to be patient and listen to my body.
Magda and I went to Granbackaskolan on Tuesday to lead the gym class for the kids. The school bought us for around 10,000kr through Musik Hjälpen. It was really fun to put them through some ”Gladiator” training. They had a great time with each other, and we had a lot of fun as well!
I have started doing personal training in Uppsala, and one of my close friends has decided to start taking his training seriously. I am training him three times a week, give him training homework on the days I don’t see him, and have completely changed his eating habits. I told him that I will only work with him if he promised to go all in, to not cheat on the diet, and to do all workouts that I tell him to do. He happily agreed.:) We have taken before pictures and measurements, and we will take them again after 6 weeks. He is two weeks into the program, and so far everything is going well. I can’t wait to see the progress that he makes in another 4 weeks!
Tonight is Gladiatorerna night, and tonight’s episode is another great one! I know that I am saying this before just about every show, but this season is really an exciting one. I would say that it is by far the best season that I have been a part of. I look at the pics from the episode before watching it, and it reminds me of the excitement that take place. Take a look at the pictures and be the judge yourself.:)
Now that I have some free time, I am really going to put in time in increasing my clientele in Uppsala. If you live in Uppsala and need help getting in shape, email me at absolutefitness@live.se. I can’t wait to help you get started!

Here are a few before pics of my friend, and of course pictures of tonight’s show!! Enjoy!

Before pictures..




















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