Do or Die: A 3 point win in Overtime!

It began last Wednesday. We played against Northland in Luleå in front of 2000 fans. After a tough and intense 40 minute game, we were on the losing end by a mere 4 points. I’m really not sure which is worse, to get beat by a bigger margin, or to only lose by 4 points and realize that the loss was our own doing due to the mistakes WE made in the last few minutes of the game. Either way, a loss is a loss, and we were down 1-2 in the count. Now our backs were against the wall. Win or disappear as the Swedes say. We had a few things going for us. First of all, we were playing the next game at home, and secondly, the pressure was on us to win. It’s that type of pressure that drag out the very best in people, and that’s what we were going to need to win the next game.
Last night was Game 4 in Rosendal. An almost packed gym with about 600 people there. That’s only about a quarter of the fans in Luleå, but the small gym makes it a great atmosphere anyway. Just like the previous 3 games, this one turned out to be another extremely aggressive game with tight scoring throughout the entire game. So close in fact that the regular game ended in a tie. A five minute overtime was all that remained. We were able to continue to score only to foul and put Luleå on the free throw line to keep the score tight. Both teams were fighting for loose balls, rebounds, steals etc. This game was on the verge of going either way with the score tight and time running out. With a two point lead with about 20 something seconds left, we were put on the free throw line. First free throw goes in. Second shot rims off, and instead of trying to grab the rebound, I tip it out as far as I can to our guards standing near half court. We controlled the ball, and Luleå’s coach decides to let the time run out. We walk away with a huge win!
Now the count is 2-2, and everything comes down to just one game. I have played for Luleå in some big games, and I have also played against them in some big games. The one thing I know for sure about Luleå is that they will pack that gym. They will have an insane amount of support, and they will be ready to play. It will be our third game there, so we feel pretty comfortable in that type of atmosphere. It will come down to keeping our composure and playing extremely good defense. I think that the best part of winning yesterday was that I get the opportunity to continue playing with my teammates. I have really enjoyed this year, and I can’t express how grateful I am to play on a team with such great individuals. With one more win comes more days to play together.. That’s what I am fighting for.

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