Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Christy Bacon Training AB

I started my company, Christy Bacon Training, in 2010. The focus of my company is to offer group training to companies as well as personal training sessions for people who need help with finding motivation to train or would just like new and exciting training challenges. The training sessions that I offer are fun, dynamic, and challenging for all clients no matter what training level they are at. The training sessions include exercises such as boxing, conditioning, strength training, explosive training, agilities, and plyometrics. Since my education is deeply based on training athletes, I love training my clients as such, and my clients find it exciting as well. With group training for companies, I focus a lot on teaching my clients to support and motivate each other to help develop “team spirit” within the group. This “team spirit” carries over and is a positive benefit in the work environment.
The facilities that I use in order to train my clients is Crossfit Atum in Stockholm, and ASK in Eskilstuna. I have chosen these facilities because they both offer all of the different types of training equipment I need in order to provide my clients endless possibilities to create unique and challenging training sessions.

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