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Online coaching

If you live too far away to do personal training sessions with me, or if you have the motivation to train but just need the right plan to get you to your goals in the most efficient time, then online coaching may be the key for you. Through online coaching, you can choose a specially designed training program, a nutrition program or both. All of my programs are designed in an 8-week phase. Take a look at the packages offered, and see which one is right for you!

8-week training program:  A training program that is especially designed to help you reach your training goals. The program takes into account your present physical activity level, injuries, training experience, time allotted for weekly training, etc.


8-week nutrition program: The nutrition program will include 10 total daily nutrition programs that will be designed to meet the specific calorie intake that will allow you to reach your weight goals. Each individual program will provide you with variety and will take into account food preferences and allergies. Eighty procent of weight loss comes from diet, so getting control over your nutrition is especially crucial in weight loss goals.


8-week training+nutrition program: A combination of the right training and nutrition program is absolutely the most efficient way to reach your goals in the quickest time possible.


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