Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

There are 3 elements that are crucial in maintaining training and nutrition in your lifestyle. Individualization, consistency, and connection. That’s why it’s my mission to provide the highest quality coaching, continuous accountability, and constant connection with my clients to achieve the results that you came to me to obtain as well as teach you how to sustain these results after you have reached them.

Christy Bacon Training

My company’s primary focus is to fit training and nutrition to each and every client in order to give them the biggest opportunity of being successful in making a lifestyle change. I have built my foundation on the fact that every single person that I help is a different individual with a different body, goals, hormones, social responsibilities, schedules, dietary history, and views on what “being fit” mean to them.

When it comes to creating a training and nutrition program for my clients, I take all of these things into account in order to create a program specifically for that particular client. It’s my mission to provide top-quality coaching, programming, and accountability to guarantee that my clients achieve the results that they came to me to reach.


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Train Hard and Have Fun!

Challenging my clients physically is my top priority, but there is always time to enjoy the moment and have fun!