Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Why you will love this membership:

Choose the training program that fits you:

Specifically-designed home or gym training programs to meet your needs of training

Live Consultations:

Go live with me once per month to get answers to your questions, exercise demo videos, programming guidance, and get your form critiqued. This is a training mentorship and the coaching is right here to teach you!

Nutrition Tips:

Nutrition advice to guide you to reach your goals faster.

Constant Battle Membership:

1 workout program

1 video meeting with me

Nutrition Tips

Constant availability to me through email

700kr per Month

Get on the Right Path to Meet Your Goals:

No matter what your goals are, I will set you on the most efficient path to reaching your goals. The plan to reaching your goal is the most important aspect of reaching any goal!

Whether you are a beginner or you have been training for years:

I will design challenging training programs to fit your training level. You have the freedom to train at home or at the gym.

Stay committed to your goals:

With constant support and accountability, you will ultimately reach your goals.

Constant Battle Membership

600kr per month. Cancel Anytime.