Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Why you will love this membership:

Choose the training program that fits you:

Specifically-designed training programs to meet your needs of training

Live Consultations:

Go live with me 2 times per month to get answers to your questions, exercise demo videos, programming guidance, and get your form critiqued. This is a training mentorship and the coaching is right here to teach you!

Nutrition Tips:

Nutrition advice to guide you to reach your goals faster.

Constant Battle Membership:

Only 20kr a day

Join a Private Community:

Meet other badass like-minded people like you, looking to learn more, train smarter, and get feedback on how to improve their training each and every week. A strong support system to make everyone successful.

Enjoy training again!

With your training programs varied and prepared, you will never et bored or wonder what to do. This will keep your motivation on track.

Stay committed to your goals:

With constant support and accountability, you will ultimately reach your goals.

Constant Battle Membership

600kr per month. Cancel Anytime.