Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Why Should EVERY company hire a health coach to help their employees?

We all know that living a sedentary lifestyle comes with major health risk factors. But how does having a sedentary job affect the employees’ ability to execute their work? It’s common knowledge that having an inactive job is terrible for your body, not only affecting major aspects of your health, but also causing aches and pains that directly affect your ability to complete your work. Pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and legs, as well as having eye strain, headaches, and steady aching and discomfort in the muscles and tendons are common symptoms for people that spend 8 hours a day or more sitting behind a desk. If people are battling these symptoms on a daily basis, how can they possibly focus on completing their tasks? When companies hire a training coach for their employees, they are acknowledging the fact that sitting has detrimental affects on their employees health, and they are prioritizing the well-being of their employees. As the employees begin working with a health coach, they will start feeling better and will have much more energy to complete their tasks at work. Hiring a health coach will be a cost for the company, but the company will get more than it’s money back through increased work production and decreased sick days.

I am working with big companies such as Epic Games, Arvid Nordqvist, Nordea and several others in order to improve the well-being of their employees. I treat each employee as an individual by assessing their current health status and focusing on implementing the right nutrition and exercise programs that will directly address their issues with pain and weakness. My goal with each employee is to ultimately increase strength and health in order to help alleviate current pain and to avoid health problems in the future. These companies believe that improving the health of their employees ultimately improves the quality of the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with the employees?

During the first meeting with each employee, I conduct a complete history analysis so that I can understand what their current issues are as well as what their health goals are. Then depending on how many sessions I have with each employee per month, I design and teach them specifically-designed training programs and then have follow-up meetings to make sure everything is going well. I give them new programs once a month to guarantee continuous improvements as well as to give variety and progressions in intensity.

How many employees can you take from one company?

It depends on how often I would be able to meet them, but I would say around 50 employees.

What if the employees have pain or injuries and can't do certain movments?

I am extremely good at creating alternative movements for exercises that people can’t do. I also create rehab exercises and implement them into their training programs in order to target their weaknesses and strengthen their problem areas. I haven’t run into an injury yet that has completely prevented exercising. There is always something that you can do.

What equipment do the employees need to do your programs?

This depends on what type of training they need to do and what equipment they already have. Several of my companies give their employees a stipend to buy some training equipment that they can use at home. Other companies have a gym in the building that the employees have access to. Because of COVID, I am training all of my online clients at their home. Using their body weight, TRX band, a yoga ball, and/or ankle weights is more than enough to give them a challenging and affective workout!

How much does a session cost?

This can vary depending on the agreement with the company. I can either charge per hour or work on salary.

When can you meet your online clients during the day?

Because I have online clients all over the world, I have a very flexible schedule. I work early mornings, late evenings, and even weekends. Whatever works best for my clients.