Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

End the stressful pitfalls of trying to figure out which training programs you should do and which diets you should follow in order to reach your goals. My 8-week training and nutrition programs are backed by science and are guaranteed to make you reach those goals. I will design your programs especially for your circumstances and needs, and I will provide constant contact and support throughout your journey. We will attack your goals as a team, so you will never feel alone.

8-week Training Program
Training Program designed based on your goals
8-week training program that takes into account:

  • Current physical activity level
  • Injuries
  • Training experience
  • Available time to train during the week
  • Training equipment that you have access to

8-week Combination Program
The Ultimate Tool to attack your goal
8-week training AND nutrition program that will help you:

  • Attack your goals in the most efficient way possible
  • Provide you with the right energy to complete your training programs
  • Confidence that you are giving 100% effort to reach your goal
  • Reach your goal in the FASTEST time possible!

8-week Nutrition Program
Guarantees you hit your weight goals
10 daily-nutrition programs taking into account:

  • Your caloric needs in order to meet your goals
  • Variety!
  • Nutritious-dense foods
  • Foods preferences
  • Allergies
  • Amount of time you have for food preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of getting an online program start?

In order for me to write a customized training or nutrition program, I first need to get important information from you. I will send out a questionnaire that you will fill out and email back to me. We will also have a video call as well so that we can meet face to face and build a relationship. Once I have all of the information that I need, I can then begin to write your program.

How often will we have contact during the 8-week program?

During the two months of your program, we will have contact once a week, either through email or a video call, in order to make sure you are on track with all of the workouts and to give extra motivation and support. You will have full-access to email me with any problems or questions that you may have.

Why do you design programs that are 8 weeks long?

A training program consists of phases, and 8 weeks is my preferred amount of time to carry out a single phase. During these 8 weeks the body will have time to adapt to the training program and make significant improvements. At the end of the 8 weeks, changes need to be made to the training program in order provide the body with a new stimulus that will continue to illicit significant adaptations and progress.

How do I use the 10 daily nutrition programs?

You will get 8 daily nutrition programs that contain only “healthy” food and 2 daily nutrition programs that contain your favorite cheat meals but are still within the caloric goal for the day. You will be able to rotate through these 8 daily programs however you want, but you are only allowed to have the daily programs containing cheat meals twice a week. These cheat meals will help you avoid feeling locked into a strict diet program, and they will also teach you to think about how to eat the rest of the day if a cheat meal will be enjoyed that day.

What if I don't know how to do some of the exercises that you gave me?

Every weekend I will ask you to look through the upcoming week’s workouts and see if there are any exercises that you don’t recognize or know how to do. Then when we talk, we will go though those exercises and make sure that you know how to do them. You will also get a password to my ‘Client’ page where I have videos of almost every exercise that I will give you. You can always go to this page and watch videos on how to do any exercise that you would like!

How will I get the programs once I order them from you?

I will email you your training program, and for the nutrition program, you will get a password to an app called Nutrition Data. Here is where you will have access to all 10 daily nutrition programs.

Purchasing personal training sessions is a binding contract between client and personal trainer. The client is guaranteed the number of personal training sessions purchased. Under no circumstances will there be a refund for the personal training sessions once they are purchased.