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The hardest part of training is getting to the gym.

August 26, 2019 / Blog
The hardest part of training is getting to the gym.

If you are having a hard time training consistently, here are a few keys that I think can help:

1. Schedule your workout when you know you are most likely to do it. Don’t schedule to work out if you are always dead after work, or have to be at home with your family. Then maybe you need to schedule your workout in the morning before work. Don’t schedule it in the morning if you know you aren’t likely to get up. Then you need to make time at lunch or after work.

2. Find a workout partner. If you find someone to go to the gym with, you two can push each other and give each other support when the laziness sets in. Keep each other on track.

3. Set specific goals. Start by setting a goal that is definitely reachable in 4-5 weeks with consistent training. Write that goal down, and hang it in the house in a few different places. That way you will be reminded of these goals, and that should help a bit with motivation.

4. Don’t start too hard too fast! If you kill yourself in the first few workouts, you will have a negative association with training and will be less likely to go. The workouts should be challenging, but you should feel good about what you accomplished after, and not puking your guts out in the bathroom.

5. Start with training that you enjoy doing. The hardest part of starting to train is the first month. You will be extremely sore, and will be working towards making training a habit. By doing training that you find fun and enjoyable, it will be easier for you to make training a priority in your life. When training has become a habit, then other types of training that maybe you don’t think is that much fun but is beneficial can be added.

I can’t express how important training is. It is the only way to keep your body young. It helps not only in reducing the aging process, but it helps tremendously in reducing the risk in getting just about every type of disease there is. If you value life at all, then training should be a priority.

I hope that these few tips can help you make training an important part in your life. Contact me at christybacontraining@hotmail.com  if you would like help through personal training or an online training program!

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