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My favorite lower back exercises!

June 22, 2015 / Blog
My favorite lower back exercises!

I believe that having a strong core is the most important foundation to build up. It becomes the backbone to all other types of training. When I train my lower back, I begin with deadlifts. I NEVER sacrifice good technique to lift heavy weight. I make sure that I am really warmed up before even starting to warm up on the bar. I warm up doing several sets with lighter weight, working my way up to my working weight Then I complete my 3 heavy working sets. After deadlift, I follow that up with 3 sets of either heavy back extension or superman back extension. Then comes my two most hated/favorite lower back exercises: table top, and table top walk. The only thing needed for these exercises are is a yoga ball. The most important key of these exercises are to keep your hips up as high as you can. NO DIPPING! Check out the videos below to see how the exercises are done.
Deadlift: 3×10 110kg

Table top: keep your hips up as high as you can! Start without weight! Aim for 3×20. Click on the link below:

Table top walk: keep your hips up, and lift your feet up. NO SCOOTING! Aim for 3×6. Click on the link below:

Give these exercises a try! I guarantee that your back will be on fire when you are done.

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