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Time to start lifting!

April 15, 2013 / Blog, Training
Time to start lifting!

Now that the basketball season is over, it’s time for me to start putting some time into the gym.  For the last 8 weeks, my team has been in the playoffs, playing two to three games a week. Because we were playing so many games, I couldn’t waste any energy with lifting, so I have been going through lifting withdrawls.:) Now that basketball is over, I can focus primarily on lifting for the next few months. I will take a little break from other types of training to let my body rest. I had pain in my achilles this year, so they could use a break from running and jumping.

I have designed a new lifting program for this offseason. I have done the same program for the last few years and have received great results. This year I felt like I wanted to do something different, so I have split the body groups up differently and added one more lifting day in each round. I have also decided to take baseline measurements and pictures so that I can record my progress. I am posting my measurements and pics, along with the first round of my workout so that people can follow my progress and try the program out if they would like.

Let’s start with the program. It’s a four-day program that will be done in 4 consecutive days without a break. Then I will take 1 day off and train 4 more days with the second round of the program. Then I will take two days off, followed by 4 days of training with the third round. This will be followed with 1 day off. So the pattern will look like 4 days on, 1 day off, 4 days on, 2 days off, etc. Each round trains each body group using different exercises in order to add variety to the program. For example, I have a dumbell day, Bar day, and Machine day to train the chest. The rest between each set is around 35-45 seconds.

Here is the first round of each body part.

Day 1- Lats, Shoulders, and Abs                        Day 2-Legs

Lats                                                                      Cleans 4×5

1. Pullups 3xMax                                                    Squats 3×12

2. Close Grip Pulldown 3×12                               Lunges 3×12+12

3. Lat Pulldown 3×12                                             Rdls 3×12

4. Straight Arm Pulldown 3×12                           Db Deadlift 3×12

Shoulders                                                           Leg Curl 3×12

1. Arnolds 3×12                                                        Leg Ext. 3×12

2. 6 Way Shoulder 3×12                                        Leg Abductor 3×12

3. Rear Delt Machine 3×12                                   Leg Adductor 3×12

4. Rear Delt Raise 3×12                                          Calves


Day 3-Chest, Upper Back, Abs                           Day 4-Lower Back, Biceps, Triceps, Abs

Chest                                                                     Lower Back

Db Bench 3×12                                                         Deadlift (Heavy) 3×12

Db Incline 3×12                                                        Back Extension 3×12

Cable Flies 3×12                                                       Biceps

Push ups 3xMax                                                      Bar Curl 3×12

Upper Back                                                         Seated Curl 3×12

Close Grip Row 3×12                                              Single Preacher Curl 3×12

B.O.R Bar (Overhand Grip) 3×12                       Triceps

Single Row Machine 3×12                                    Dips 3xMax

Mts Row 3×12                                                         Bench Dips 3xMax

Abs                                                                        Pushdowns 3×12


 My Starting Measurements:

Weight- 74.5 kg

Left Thigh- 56 cm

Butt- 99.5 cm

Waist- 81 cm

Chest- 99.5 cm

Left Bicep- 31.5 cm

Baseline Pictures

After one month of training I will take measurements and pictures again in order to compare the progress made.  Try this program with me! Take your measurements and pictures before you begin so that you can also track your progress. Good Luck!

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