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Creative Leg Workout for Back Pain

May 30, 2013 / Blog, Training
Creative Leg Workout for Back Pain

Today’s workout: Legs

My back felt much better today, so I know that it’s on the right track to getting back to 100%. I knew that it wouldn’t be smart to train legs today, at least not with my original leg program because it’s too heavy and involves a lot of the lower back. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that cleans, heavy front squats, and rdls might just be too much for an injured back. I had to put on my thinking cap and create a program that would kill my legs but have minimal stress on my lower back. The program that I designed looks like this:

Leg Workout
1. Light front squats 4×12
2. Light step ups 3×12
3. DB Deadlift (focus on staying on toes) 3×12
4. Seated leg curl 6×12
5. Leg extension 7×12
6. Leg press 6×12
7. Leg Adductor 4×12
8. Leg Abductor 4×12

Rehab Exercises:
1. Bridge 3×10, 3 sec hold
2. Bridge, single leg raise 3×8+8


Although I wasn’t completely drained after this program like I usually am after my original leg workouts, my legs were extremely tired, and I feel muscle soreness already in the same evening. I am extremely satisfied with today’s workout. It was a great temporary workout, but I hope that it was the last time I have to do it. I miss that feeling of having no energy left in my body…..I look forward to the next leg day!

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