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My favorite/most hated ab workout.

May 27, 2015 / Blog
My favorite/most hated ab workout.

My lifting program is divided into four different days, with 3 different programs for each day. No matter what day I am doing, I always end each strength training session with core. I really focus on strengthening the inner muscles of my core, and one of my best programs to do my ab workout on the TRX bands. Not only is the program insanely hard on its own, but I match this program with the same day as I train shoulders. My shoulders are dead, but I still have to ask them to stabilize during the core workout. I start with doing the TRX Plank with an extra 40kg on my back. I hold for 3 sets of max time with 60sec rest in between. I aim for at least 60 seconds the first set, 45 seconds on the second, and 35 seconds on the third. I follow that up with TRX plank with a swing and do 3×45 seconds with a 30 second rest in between. Lastly I do TRX side plank with an extra 20 kg and do 2×30 seconds with a 30 second rest on each side. Check out the videos to see how each exercise is done!

Click on the link below each title to watch the video!

TRX Plank

TRX Plank with a Swing

TRX Side Plank

Add these exercises into your program! You will be surprised at how effective they are in strengthening your core. Start without extra weight, and work your way up. Good luck!

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